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Custom Exhaust

Why custom exhaust matters. 

Custom exhaust is one of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do.  While repairs to cars can often be arduous and invisible to the consumer, adding upgraded exhaust components to a car immediately changes the look and feel of a vehicle.  Many of our customers in this area have classic cars, hotrods, luxury autos and more, and it is always fun to send them out the door with something that has changed the way they feel when they drive away from the shop. 

Headers and Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust manifolds can take a lot of heat. As fuel is burned the resultant byproduct is forced from the engine through valves and into the manifold, exiting out the remainder of the exhaust system.  Manifolds or headers can be customized to a vehicle for performance and style which is something our shop is happy to do.

It is also quite common for manifolds to crack or break off at the bolts that hold them into the engine, called studs.  In these situations our shop can remove the manifolds, extract the studs and get things back in order before poisonous fumes make there way in the cab of the vehicle 


Mufflers are one of the favorite items of our exhaust shop to customize.  There are so many options to change the output sound and look of a vehicle that it makes the process enjoyable (which is not always the case with car repair).

Our staff is skilled in helping to guide you through the process of finding a muffler that creates just the right sound for your hotrod.  Or, if you just need an affordable muffler to get you by, we can do that too.  Single exhaust, dual exhaust, customer tips...we can make it all a reality. 

Catalytic Converters

No item has been more talked about in the news on cars than catalytic converters.  Each day, more and more get stolen, with roving bands of thieves attacking shopping malls, parking garages, private residences and pullouts for a two-minute extraction of the catalytic converter.  

Converters are the main component on a car that filters out harmful gases being produced by engine combustion.  The way they do this is through a honeycomb structure housed in sheet metal that can absorb sky-high temperatures.  Unfortunately, the metals needed to manufacture this unit are more valuable than gold, which in turn, makes them the target of criminals.  Should your catalytic converter be taken, we can replace it and we also are able in many cases to install a guard against future thefts.   And, should a catalytic converter fail for any other reason, we can replace it in this situation as well.

But, unfortunately, because Colorado has adopted California's very strict emission standards (which is in the long run better for the environment), the converters have doubled or tripled in price.  So, it makes all the more sense to protect if from thieves and to make sure your car is tuned properly so as to avoid damage to the converter.


An exhaust system can be very noisy, and manufacturers have gone to great lengths to assure that the system can sound a certain way.  Resonators are one way to  change the sound of the exhaust system.  Resonators are actually sound-cancelling which means the overall goal to end up with a system that has a nice overall tone versus a different overall volume.  Resonators can be replaced to alter the way an exhaust system rumbles or, if failed, to simply replace to keep the exhaust system intact. 

Tail Pipes

Tail pipes are an important part of the look of a vehicle.  A standard tailpipe is not much to speak of, but accessorizing an exhaust system with custom tail pipes and tips can change the whole look and feel of a performance vehicle.   We have any number of options in this regard, so if you want to create the right sound for your car, come see us. 

Dual Exhaust

Our exhaust shop loves to send cars out looking better than they did before they came in.  While they enjoy replacing catalytic converters and intermediate pipes, it doesn't hold a candle to change the sound and style of a performance vehicle.  Converting a car from single to dual exhaust is exhilarating and fundamental to what custom exhaust is all about.  Let us get you a quote so that you update your car to something special.

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