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Major Repairs

Why major repairs matters. 

Not all shops are created equal and not all parts are created equal.  When you need a shop to complete a major repair on your vehicle you need a qualified technician, reliable parts and an expansive warranty.  At Automotive Evolution you have all three.  ASE-Certified Technicians, parts from vendors that are have coast to coast coverage and a warranty that will keep you protected for 3 years and 36,000 miles. Getting your repairs done at our shop guarantees that if your car breaks down, you'll be covered.

Repairing your vehicle is crucial.  While repairs may sometimes hit the pocketbook hard, putting them off can have disastrous consequences. For example, letting a U-Joint go unrepaired can lead to transmission failure, ignoring a tire pressure warning light can lead to thousands of dollars  in tires, driving with worn spark plugs can lead to catalytic converter failure.  The list goes on and on.  Treat your car like your body and address issues as they come up rather than putting them off because we all know that breaking down happens at the most inconvenient time and heart attacks can be avoided when we take care of ourselves.


Clutches are not replaced by mileage, but often are a source of power loss and drivetrain noise. If you have a manual vehicle that doesn't seem to have the get up and go that it used to, consider having the clutch checked.  Or, if you have a terrible rotational noise that goes away when the clutch pedal is depressed, let us examine the system to fix what is likely a worn bearing.

Computer Reprogramming

Check Engine or Service Engine lights are not something anyone wants to see.  In particular, on newer vehicles, these can be the result of a simple and fairly inexpensive upgrade to your computer.  Just like updates to your laptop or desktop computer, vehicle computers need to be updated when new software comes out.  The upside to this is that often an upgrade also helps with performance and gas mileage and can certainly save you a repair down the road.

Differential Repair

Aside from the transmission, the differential on a vehicle can be an expensive repair.  Its failure rate is reduced if the fluid in the differential is changed regularly. This small set of gears is what is pushing the wheels forward and is critical to a car's functionality.  Not sure if you have one?  Let us do a free inspection and tell you if you do and how healthy it is.

Drivetrain Repair

Transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, axles...these and more are all part of your "drivetrain".  The drivetrain is ultra-important not only in terms of maintenance, but in regards to preventing breakdown.  We can repair any and all drivetrain components, but we prefer to maintain them so that you don't have costly clunks and rattles.  Let us service this system for you so that you can keep the car running like new.

Engine Replacement

Assuring that the oil in your car is full is, as we all know, that most important task in making certain that your engine doesn't fail.  It is especially important when the engine excessively uses oil, perhaps without you even knowing it. This is also a telltale sign that the engine may be on it's way to ending its life. While we can assuredly keep your engine running, we are also here to help should the engine stop working.  Replacing engines is a common repair for us and we can get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Engine Repair

There are literally thousands of parts on an ICE (internal combustion engine). The level of expertise needed to repair engines is voluminous.  However, we have the skills and the experience to fix your engine and all the parts associated with it.  Is something sounding unusually loud in the engine compartment, or is your vehicle lacking power?  We can help.

Head Gasket

The deepest set gasket on the engine is often the Head Gasket. When vehicles overheat, this is, more than likely, the part that will take a hit.  It is not cheap to repair, but is it also not common to fail on most models of cars.  However, when it does fail, there is an upside.  When we fix Head Gaskets, we often end up resealing a good portion of an engine, so any other oil or coolant leaks that may exist can get repaired at the same time.  It also overlaps with timing components, ignition components and more so you can get any number of other repairs done at the same time that you may have been putting off.

Hybrid Battery Service

When hybrid batteries first came out, it was thought that their lifespan would be seven to ten years.  We have seen batteries, on the whole, go much longer than this.  But, unfortunately, they will not last forever.  Our staff has done extensive training on hybrid, hybrid plug-in and fully electric vehicle repairs, and we are here to help should something happen to your alternatively-powered vehicle. 

Timing belts & Chains

Any internal combustion engine must be timed.  This can be in the form of a chain or a belt and it is the fundamental action of an engine that keeps pistons from running into valves.  If timing belts are not replaced they can break and cause engine failure.  If timing chains get loose they can "jump time" and cause performance problems.  These are rote repairs for our staff, so please visit our shop if you have any questions about what type of system your car has and how often it should be inspected.

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are a rapidly changing technology.  Over the years they have been modified and improved with different designs and we can help when you have an issues with them.  We are here to service, replace and fix them when they start failing and help get you pointed in the right direction if they need a full rebuild.

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